系主任:王严,副教授、博士E-mail: y_wang@shou.edu.cn





Department Head: Dr. Wang Yan, Associate Professor. E-mail: y_wang@shou.edu.cn

General Information: Established in 1986, the accounting departmenthas 10 faculty members. Accounting major puts emphasis on teaching inclassroom, and encouraging effective interaction between learning and practiceto improve students’ ability in all aspects. Students' ability to think and usetheir hands are enhanced by a sound accounting training units with distinctivecharacteristics. Adhering to the university motto “Diligence, Sincerity,Dedication and Practicality” and college motto “governs and benefits the people, and makes unremitting efforts toself improve”, through accounting theories teaching, systematic accountingprofessional practice education, accounting practical skills learning, goodprofessional ethics and comprehensive management abilities training, students' innovationand pioneering spirits are prompted. Graduates can work as specials at privatesectors, public institutions, government agencies and accounting firms engagingin accounting, auditing and financial management.

Through professional education, students can fully grasp thetheories and methods of economics, management and other disciplines. Graduatesare able to analysis and do research by statistical and accounting methodsqualitatively and quantitatively. Graduates are able to acquire knowledge andprocess information independently. Graduates have good language and writingskills, the ability to analyze problems and solve problems, and the basicconcerns and understanding of the theoretical frontier.

Research specialization: Theoretical and appliedresearch on financial management and accounting Corporate finance, etc.